St. George’s Children and Youth

The presence of our children at worship adds a certain level of spontaneity to services, and the comment the clergy hear most often from older adults regarding the children in worship is “Isn’t it wonderful to have so many children!”

At St. George’s, children and young people are an integral part of parish life. We believe that people of all ages have meaningful contributions to make to our life together, so it is not unusual to see a young person reading a lesson during Sunday worship, or acting in a skit during the sermon time, or making an announcement to the congregation at announcement time. Children ages seven and above are invited and encouraged to be part of the acolyte program, giving them an important role on Sunday mornings. Occasionally the youth might lead worship or give the sermon. We bless those who have birthdays and anniversaries each Sunday during service, and you may also witness the blessing of a young person who started kindergarten, earned her driver’s license, or celebrated his graduation from high school. At the end of our 10:00 am service, (with the exception of Lent) the children pass out noise-making instruments to the parish and we end that service with purposefully joyful noise.

St. George’s believes that children and young people belong in worship. Whether babies or toddlers, primary, middle, or high schoolers, our youth and children are always welcome and encouraged to be at services as full members of the community. We have purposely chosen to schedule Sunday School so that it does not coincide with worship. This allows our families to  worship together. Our hope is that those of all ages who worship at St. George’s find something meaningful in the service.

Parents of our youngest members may choose to bring their children into the nursery adjacent to the main worship space. This option if offered for parents but is in no way expected or required.