How We Worship

SONY DSCWorship is the center of our life together at St. George’s. We gather in community to praise God and celebrate God’s presence in our lives. We hear the stories of our faith in the words of our holy scriptures and reflect on how they speak to us today. We come together around the altar to share the bread and wine that is the real presence of Jesus Christ. At St. George’s we welcome you to the Communion table, no matter your beliefs or where you are in your spiritual journey. As the celebrant says during the invitation to Communion, “This is Christ’s table, and all are welcome.”

The Worship Space

sanctuary_fallOur worship space is a true reflection of our open and welcoming community. The sanctuary is light and open, with chairs rather than pews, and a movable altar. We vary the arrangement of our space to reflect the changing seasons of worship, calling us to change our perspective as we contemplate the words and traditions of our faith. The flexibility of our worship space draws people to St. George’s. It inspires creativity and enriches our liturgy and worship experience. Our sanctuary engages the senses with visual symbols- icons on the altar, fabric hangings, and the richly colored light flowing through our new stained glass windows. This richly creative sacred space expands our awareness of God’s presence.

Our Worship Service

Worship at St. George’s is a blend of the traditional and the contemporary. We worship in the tradition of the Episcopal Church, which is part of the world-wide Anglican communion. Our services reflect the value of liturgy enriched by local expression. Our worship is both liturgical and sacramental.

The word “liturgy” mean simply “the work of the people.” It is a worship style that values participation and tradition. This is the type of worship that took place in the Jewish temple and that was used in the early Christian Church. Our understanding of liturgy as the “work of the people” means that we place a high value on participation. We have clergy and others with designated roles in our worship, but worship – liturgy – is something that the gathered community does together. We welcome the participation of our young people, who serve as acolytes (altar servers), make announcements, sing with the choir and add youthful energy to our final hymn.

We also value the sacramental, God’s grace present with us in our lives. We are sacramental people in that we look for God to be at work in the world; we experience the extraordinary presence of God in the ordinary gifts of creation.

The Chapel

SONY DSCThe lovely Chapel on our property dates to 1873 and was designated an historic space by Prince George’s County. Although St. George’s no longer uses the Chapel for Sunday services, we open the Chapel for our Wednesday evening service each week. We value the experience of holding special services in the Chapel throughout the year, including services on All Saints Day, Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.