confirmation cathedral 1Confirmation is a sacramental commitment that begins with learning about our faith and choosing to live that faith.  At confirmation, those who were baptized as babies renew the promises made on their behalf at their baptism. Adults recently baptized or coming from another Christian tradition renew their baptismal promises and formally join the Episcopal Church. The preparation for confirmation culminates in a special service at the National Cathedral where the Bishop lays hands upon each person and affirms his or her commitment.

The real work of preparing for confirmation and choosing to be confirmed begins at St. George’s in January and continues until May. High school teens and adults may be confirmed and meet weekly with the priest to explore their understanding of God through scripture. They study the teachings and traditions of the Episcopal Church. Holy Week is a special time for the confirmation class, who worship together and, in worship, follow Jesus’ path in the days leading to Easter.

Confirmation taught me to be a well-rounded Christian. From learning about the history of the Church, to learning what it means to worship and what we do in worship, to brainstorming the Holy Trinity, to learning the Sacraments, to understanding the three-legged stool of Anglicanism, to learning about the Passion, to learning how to Pray–Confirmation teaches you how hard it is to do the things you may have thought were easy in being a Christian. No longer will I take anything for granted–whether the Collect of the Day or an Absolution or Prayers for the People in Church or anything that appears routine in LOC (life outside Church)!” – recent adult confirmand

What I got out of the confirmation experience was having a deeper relationship with God and myself. I also enjoyed the history part of the class. I think this is a great way to deepen anyone’s relationship in God, if you are committed to your faith and church.” – recent teen confirmand

Confirmation was able to bridge the gap between the practice of going to church and the actual practice of worshiping. Because of confirmation, I have a better understanding of details of what’s in a church and the traditions of service.” – recent adult confirmand

Confirmation is a part of your life life that can not be repeated. It is life changing. You are blessed by a Bishop and you are starting your time with God as a true Episcopalian. It is a decision that I made myself. I was ready to commit my heart, soul and body to do God’s bidding. That is why it is a life changing experience.” – recent teen confirmand