Animal Welfare

St. George’s has chosen to be designated an Animal Friendly Congregation by the Episcopal Network for Animal Welfare. This designation is intended to increase awareness of animal welfare issues at the local level of the Church. It also provides a resource for those with a special concern for animals who are seeking a church community that shares their concerns. When a parish chooses to apply for this designation, it is making a commitment to uphold members engaged in animal welfare ministries. The parish agrees to other commitments, including  holding an annual Animal Blessing service, addressing animal welfare issues in adult and youth classes and in the  liturgy when appropriate, and providing pastoral care to members grieving the loss of companion animals, including holding memorial services.

Our children have embraced the spirit of being an animal friendly congregation by forming the St. George’s Kids for Animal Welfare. Throughout the year, St. George’s Kids for Animal Welfare raise money for local animal welfare organizations and animal shelters.

St. George’s won the Humane Society of the United States Faith Outreach competition in 2011 by entering a video of our rendition of O God, Your Creatures Fill the Earth at our Animal Blessing service.