Supporting St. George’s

Our vibrant community exists because of the commitment and enthusiasm of our parish members. We value our worship and community spaces, our ministries, and programs that support outreach, spiritual growth, and celebration. The gifts of parish members and friends make it possible for us to join together and to welcome newcomers. There are a number of ways you can support the St. George’s community. To access the new online giving page, click the link below:

 St. Georges New Online Donation Page

Yearly Pledging

Perhaps you are new to the parish, or new to a tradition that uses pledges as a way to manage church finances. You may have questions about pledging or just want to know how to pledge.

What is pledging, and why is it important?

A pledge is a commitment to support the parish financially by promising to make one or more gifts during the calendar year. Each autumn St. George’s holds a Stewardship campaign, asking members to consider faithfully what they can contribute to support our parish and its programs. Stewardship is a term that reflects a faithful understanding of our call to be stewards of the gifts God has given us. We can live that faithfulness by sharing our gifts with our church community. We give in many ways, of course- with our time, our talents and our presence. But it is vital to our continuing life as a community that members also give financially. By making and honoring a pledge of financial support, we can make sure that what we have found at St. George’s is available to us and to other present and future members.

How do we pledge?

It’s easy to pledge. During the fall campaign, you will receive a pledge card so that you can indicate how much you will give in the next year. You can choose how to make your gift- weekly, monthly, or one or more larger gifts over the year, and indicate that commitment on the pledge card. One Sunday is designated as Ingathering Sunday, when we gather completed cards and thank God and the community for the gifts. If you missed the annual campaign and want to pledge, just ask any vestry member or call the office to obtain a pledge card.

Why do we pledge? 

Pledging is the best way for the parish to manage financial planning each year. While contributions placed in the collection basket are a valuable part of our budget, we can’t plan for the year without knowing as much as possible about our anticipated income. By making a pledge, you not only support the parish, you make it possible for the vestry to make sound fiscal decisions.

Ensuring our Future

In 2012, St. George’s renewed efforts to build our vision into a plan for our future. As we grew, parish needs expanded. Although contributions continued to grow with along with the parish, we struggled to deal with the costs of emergency needs and expanding ministries. Our vision for the future led to the Ensuring Our Future (EoF) campaign. Unlike a capital campaign, the parish has chosen to focus on more than just our physical plant. Our plan for EoF creates three funds, for Outreach and Social Justice, Youth and Adult Spiritual Formation, and Building and Grounds. Our campaign goal is $250,000, and we’ve received close to 80% of our goal in pledges.

How can I contribute to Ensuring our Future?

Ask any vestry member or contact the office about Ensuring our Future and ask to receive an information packet with pledge card. Pledges may be paid over several years if you choose.

Advance Giving and Estate Planning

As you consider financial planning for your estate, please consider making a gift to St. George’s. You may wish to remember the parish in your will or provide for the future by including a gift in a trust instrument. Your attorney or financial advisor can help you with this planning, but please feel free to speak to a member of the Finance Committee if you are considering such a gift.

Occasional gifts

Many members make gifts to St. George’s throughout the year which are separate from their pledges. Gifts to the rector’s discretionary fund are used by the rector to directly assist those in need. Many also contribute  in recognition of special blessings, in memory of a departed loved one, or to celebrate a special day.

Other giving options

Want to find a few painless ways to support St. George’s? We’ve got them. Just ask any vestry member and you can learn more.

Donate via PayPal
PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

Donate online via PayPal by clicking the link above the button!


Buy gift cards for all of your favorite stores and restaurants and St. Georges will receive a percentage of each card you buy.


If you click here, then buy from, a portion of your purchase will be donated to St. George’s!


If you click here and register, a portion of your online purchases will be donated to St. George’s!


Each Sunday we have the opportunity to buy gift cards for local and national businesses, with a portion of the proceeds going to the parish. Bought at face value, the cards give back 1%-4% to St. George’s with occasional specials that increase our share. So you can buy that lunch and it will taste sweeter because you know you’ve helped your church.

Adding the iGive button to your computer allows you to give a percentage of the value of your on-line purchases to the church. It’s painless and will really add up if you are relying on the internet for your shopping.

Speak to a vestry member about a program that gives money to St. George’s when you switch your electrical supplier. It does not change your billing or electrical service, but may save you money while helping the parish.

And save up your white elephants for the yearly Yard Sale, or come to the next sale and buy a few!