Vestry Nominee Biography – Terry Doyle

Occupation: Retired College Professor and full-time child care “Grampy”

When did you come to St. George’s? John and I began at St. George’s in 2001.

What attracted you to St. George’s? What drew us to St. George’s and continues to hold us is the wonderful sense of community and the support the parish offers for active participation in lay ministry and spiritual growth.

What activities have you taken part in or offices have you held at St. George’s, or at another church that would be relevant to being on St. George’s vestry? I have served on the Vestry for the last two years and had been a member of the vestry at St. Margaret’s Church, our former parish. I also served on the Board of Directors for Martha’s Closet and am active in the Spiritual Development Committee of St. George’s.

What qualities, training and experience would you bring to the vestry? As a relatively long-time member of the parish, I bring to the vestry the institutional memory that is vital to the group deliberations. I also bring a vitality and enthusiasm for encouraging the new directions that St. George’s has taken in the last several years and will continue in its ongoing growth.

What excites you most about St. George’s? I believe we are growing both in numbers and in terms of the spiritual maturity of the parish.

What is your dream for St. George’s for the upcoming year? The next 5 years? I expect to be a part of St. George’s continuing growth and spiritual deepening.