The vestry is the “board of directors” for the parish and consists of members elected by the parish at the annual meeting for a term of two years. Our vestry has nine members, two of whom serve as senior and junior wardens, who have special responsibilities in the parish. Serving on vestry offers a great opportunity to minister to the parish, and to learn about the workings of the parish and the generosity of the people of St. George’s.

Our current vestry members are Roy Peterson, Senior Warden; Dan Ryan, Junior Warden; Timothy Dangel, Terrence Doyle, Carolyn Lassiter, Bradley Rymph, Ingrid Charlton, Mark Fehling and Jay Tobias. Any one of our vestry members will be happy to chat with visitors or answer questions about our parish and programs.

Vestry responsibilities include: preparing an annual budget, overseeing church finances, maintaining church property, electing senior and junior wardens, appointing a parish clerk and parish treasurer, calling a rector when necessary, and assisting the rector in establishing parish policies and operations.

At St. George’s, vestry members also share in VPOD (Vestry Person on Duty) responsibilities for each Sunday. The VPOD relieves the rector from worrying about Sunday morning details such as readers, acolytes, greeters, coordinating the contributions of the many people who contribute to our worship service and Sunday hospitality.

The vestry meets once a month, currently on the second Monday of each month. Special meetings may be called when necessary.