A Brief History of
St. George’s Episcopal Church, Glenn Dale

St. George’s was founded in 1873 after Edmund Bryce DuVal, Caroline DuVal, and Rosalie Ogle, deeded a lot in Glenville (as it was then known) to the Vestry of Holy Trinity Parish, Collington. Holy Trinity had wanted for some years to establish a chapel-of-ease in its northern area. A cemetery was also established at the new site.

The building was erected partially with funds raised by a former Rector of Queen Anne Parish, Dr. Stephen Tyng. He had raised money from among his congregants at St. George’s Church, Stuyvesant Square, New York City, and the grateful members of the new Glenville Chapel chose St. George’s as their dedication to honor the connection.

In 1888, St. George’s was destroyed by a cyclone. It was rebuilt on the same foundation. In 1892, the new building was consecrated by the Bishop of Maryland. In 1895, St. George’s became part of the new Diocese of Washington. In 1925 the congregation was able to build a small parish hall.

The Hall was expanded in the 1960’s with the addition of a kitchen and restrooms, aided by a grant from the Diocese.

During the chapel-of ease days, the Rector of Holy Trinity served St. George’s once or twice a month, along with its sister chapel-of-ease in Bowie, St. James’, which had been established in 1905. In 1958, Holy Trinity Parish determined that its chapels needed to be let go, and they were offered to the Diocese as Mission congregations. St. George’s and St. James’ were yoked, sharing the services of a priest.

In July 1968, St. George’s and St. James’ were separated on the initiative of then Bishop of Washington, the Rt. Rev. William Creighton. The early 1970’s were dominated by the renovation of the Chapel, completed in 1974. During the 1980’s, the congregation turned its sights outward. A major new venture—Martha’s Closet—was begun with other Glenn Dale congregations. Martha’s Closet served families with food and children’s clothing for over 20 years.

In 1990, the Rev. Michael Hopkins was called as Vicar. He began his ministry part-time, with a small band of spirited folks, but over the next few years, the congregation tripled in size. In 1998, the congregation met the requirements to be made a parish of the Diocese, and began a four year process to achieve that status. This included building the structure St. George’s currently inhabits. St. George’s was made a parish of the Diocese of Washington in 2002, with the Rev. Michael Hopkins as its first rector of St. George’s. The Rev. Connie Reinhardt began her ministry as the second rector of St. George’s in March 2006. In the fall of 2011, St. George’s achieved a long-time goal of putting stained glass windows in the sanctuary.

As the church continues to grow in membership, energy, leadership and giving, and as the congregation works to expand our ministries and presence in our community, we are excited about the possibilities for St. George’s future.