St. George’s was founded in 1873 as a “chapel-of-ease”  by Holy Trinity Parish, Collington, thanks to the gift of a building lot from Edmund Bryce DuVal, Caroline DuVal, and Rosalie Ogle. The Chapel was built with financial support from St. George’s Church, Stuyvesant Square, New York City. Dr. Stephen Tyng, rector at that New York parish, had served nearby in Maryland and solicited his congregation’s contributions for the new chapel. Dr. Tyng preached at the dedication of the new chapel.

Little is known of the early history of the Chapel, but we know that in 1888, St. George’s was destroyed by a cyclone and rebuilt on the same foundation. In 1895, St. George’s became part of the new Diocese of Washington. By the 1920’s the congregation was able to build a small parish hall, completed in 1925. This project was funded in part by the efforts of St. George’s Guild, the congregation’s women’s group.

Initially the rector of Holy Trinity served St. George’s once or twice a month. In 1958, Holy Trinity Parish offered St. George’s  and St. James, Bowie, to the Diocese as mission congregations. The Rev. William Myers became the first vicar for both churches in 1960. In July 1968, St. George’s and St. James’ were separated.

In the early 1970’s the Chapel was renovated and several vicars served the parish. Beginning in the 1980’s a period of growth and a change in focus revitalized the life of the parish. St. George’s joined other churches in founding Martha’s Closet, which provided families with food and clothing. In 1982, St. Barnabas’ Mission of the Deaf began meeting at St. George’s twice a month. During this period, in order to accommodate growth in membership, services were held for a time in the parish hall.

In 1990, the Rev. Michael Hopkins came to St. George’s as vicar. His arrival spurred deep introspection by St. Georgians about their mission and their future, and a new mission statement was adopted in 1991. During Rev. Hopkin’s tenure the parish expanded lay ministries and lay leadership, and adopted a diverse approach to music in worship.

In 1998, the congregation met the requirements to be made a parish of the Diocese. St. George’s achieved that status on January 26, 2002.  The Rev. Michael Hopkins became the first rector of St. George’s, Glenn Dale Parish. He left in September of 2004, and the Rev. Connie Reinhardt began her ministry as the second rector of St. George’s in March 2006.