Jesus and Justice:  Adult Education at 9:00 am February 17, 24 and March 3

From the Salvation Army’s Jesus and Justice curriculum we read, “Jesus lived right. Righteousness was his way of life. He related to others with aspirations for their spiritual wellbeing. Jesus also repeatedly righted wrongs. Jesus’ vision for justice for the vulnerable drove his intent and guided his practice. In his teaching and in his living, Jesus created opportunities for people whose plight in life was curtailed by lifedenying forces. Jesus’ life is a demonstration of how to live and love.” Come, learn and share as we deepen our understanding of Jesus as we continue our study of Jesus and Justice.  The topics we will focus on are Embracing the Excluded: Children on February 17th; Protesting Gender Inequality on February 24th; Advocating for the Poor on March 3rd.  The program is at 9:00 am in Miller Hall and is led by Carolyn Lassiter.  Please join us as we deepen our understanding of how we can be victorious in our striving lives…”We will with God’s help.”