Adult Forum – October 21, 28; November 11, 25

The 9:00 am Sunday Adult Forum will continue on Oct. 21, 28, and Nov. 11, 25; and will be based on Peter Gomes’ The Good Book: Reading the Bible with Mind and Heart.  “The theme of this book,” writes Gomes, “is the risk and the joy of the Bible: risk that we might get it wrong, and joy in the discovery of the living Word becoming flesh.”  On Oct. 21, Tim Dangel will present a summary of the first section of The Good Book — what the Bible is and how it came to be as it is now, literacy and interpretation, and the ever-evolving role of the Bible in American politics and culture.  Those attending the remaining three Sundays will select from topics such as the Bible and race, anti-Semitism, women, or homosexuality; and what the Bible has to say about suffering, joy, evil, temptation, wealth, and science.  Please join us.