Adult Ed Forum – May 13 and 20. Justice:  Who Is My Neighbour?

“Who is my neighbour?” is a troublesome and complex question. The neighbour dilemma is especially thorny when it is linked to justice issues that involve a sense of responsibility for other people’s predicaments. Neighbours are not just anyone from anywhere. They are people within tangible reach of our compassion. The challenge from Jesus is to realize how widely our compassion can reach. In Jesus’ code, to love is to be just. To be just is to love. And when we claim to follow Jesus, we are disciples of justice. Jesus’ mission on earth in his time is our mission on earth in our time. (From “JESUS AND JUSTICE” International Social Justice Commission, the Salvation Army).

This is the focus of the first of our two upcoming Adult Ed Forum sessions, May 13th and May 20th.  We will explore, on a biblical basis, the Challenge of Dignifying Second Class Citizens, our neighbors in week one. Time permitting, in week two, we will also explore Challenging Unjust Behavior.  We will be using the Bible Study developed by the Salvation Army entitled “Jesus and Justice”.  We hope that this will become an ongoing dialogue for the Adult Ed Forum.