Capital Pride Parade: June 11, 2016

Capital Pride Parade: Make Magic Happen

Capital Pride Parade: Make Magic Happen

Capital Pride Alliance Parade

St. George’s Joins the Capital Pride Parade Again this Year: June 11, 2016 at 4:30 PM.

St. Georges will be walking again this year, with the parade stepping off at 4:30 PM.  This is a fun and timely event to get the summer going for us and we hope you’ll join us there. We hope to see you in Dupont Circle on Saturday, June 11, and don’t forget your St. Georges T-shirt!


ECQ Book Club Meets May 17 at 10:00 AM

Hows Your Faith

Join us in May as we discuss former NBC newsman and Meet the Press moderator David Gregory‘s book “How’s Your Faith?”  The longtime journalist probes various religious traditions to better understand his own faith and answer life’s most important questions: Who do we want to be? What do we believe?

While David was covering the White House, he had the unusual experience of being asked by President George W. Bush “How’s your faith?”

David’s answer was just emerging. Raised by a Catholic mother and a Jewish dad, he had a strong sense of Jewish cultural and ethnic identity, but no real belief—until his marriage to a Protestant woman of strong faith inspired him to explore his spirituality for himself and his growing family.