2015 Wider Circle Archive

#ICYM we’ve added an archive of all our newsletters from 2015. Our Wider Circle is available by email subscription as well. Just contact the Parish Administrator to be added to the list. See you in 2016!

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First Night at St. George’s 12/31/2015

First Night 2016

Once again St. Georgians and friends are invited to celebrate together in Miller Hall on New Year’s Eve.  Bring a favorite snack and non-alcoholic beverage to share.  Bring a favorite game to share, whether it is cards, board games, riddles, etc.  Finally, bring a friend along to join the fun!  The festivities will start at 8:00 PM but you can come anytime to ring in 2016. First Night at St. George’s is a safe and family friendly alternative to your average New Year’s Eve party and the perfect opportunity for fellowship and fun with our members.