Outreach and Social Justice Committee Meeting – Thursday, July 23, 7:00PM  

The Outreach and Social Justice Committee will meet on Thursday, July 23rd at 7:00 p.m. at Pat and Peggy Alexander’s home.  During the meeting, the group will draft a strategic plan that will help guide St. George’s focus and efforts for social justice and community service activities and programs.  If you would like to join us at the meeting, please contact Peggy Alexander or Bev Brown.  If you have ideas you’d like addressed in the plan but cannot participate in the meeting, talk with any committee member (Peggy and Pat Alexander, Randy and Donna Hazelton, Joann Prosser, Judith Smith, Carolyn Lassiter, Josephine Ross, Karen Horrocks, Bev Brown) or any member of the vestry team.”