Performance of the Gospel of Mark at St. George’s – Friday May 15, 7:00PM!

St. George’s is very pleased to be able to offer a wonderful night with biblical Storyteller Tracy Radosevic as she performs the Gospel of Mark.  The performance begins at 7PM and will be followed at approximately 9:30PM with a reception in Miller Hall.

Why should you come?  To see the gospel come to life.  To see and hear the scriptures embodied as they were originally told, as stories rather than as words on the page. Mark is the shortest gospel and some scholars believe was originally written as a drama, meant to be acted out.  Seeing the gospel performed will change how you hear Mark.  So, as Jesus would say, come and see.

Put Friday, May 15th on your calendar and plan to attend a wonderful evening.  Invite friends and family.  The performance is being funded/underwritten so that we are able to offer it free of charge, making it accessible for everyone.  Come and see – and be prepared to be awed!