Rector’s Blog Nov 7 Part 2: The Wall

My reflections today are really about the reality of being in such a divided country. We were in Bethlehem today, which means crossing a checkpoint and entering the West Bank. We got our first look at the wall today- not the walls of the Old City, but the wall that Israel built to separate Israel from Palestine. Israel calls it a “security wall;” Palestinians call it the “apartheid wall” or “discrimination wall.” The word that came to me was abomination. I imagine this wall to be a heartbreak to God. And yet I don’t live here, and observing all of this as an outsider- a Christian outsider- is confusing at best. The book of prayers I am using while I am here is called Daily Prayers for All Seasons and the end of day service has St. Francis’ as its final prayer. I’ll end with this: “Lord, make us instruments of your peace. Where there is hatred, let us sow love. Where there is injury, let us sow pardon. Where there is despair, let us sow hope.”