Rector’s Blog Nov 4: Arrival

I’m in Israel! It took a long time to get here, but my friend and colleague Kate Ekrem and I landed in Tel Aviv at about 6 pm local time and shortly thereafter were in a taxi hurtling towards Jerusalem. The taxi driver was playing a techno version of Madonna’s Like a Prayer. I appreciated the irony. We arrived at St. George’s, the Anglican Cathedral, to be welcomed by their staff. Kate and I ventured out to a local place for some really good fattoush, if that is how you spell it. The Cathedral is in East Jerusalem, north of Damascus Gate and Herod’s Gate in the wall of the Old City.
Tomorrow afternoon we have opening ceremonies, so to speak. We have a tip from Michael Billingsley, the chaplain, about where to get really good felafel for lunch tomorrow. Looking forward to venturing out into the city during daylight!
My wondering tonight: besides the Temple, where did Jesus spend time when he was in Jerusalem? Maybe we will be walking the same ground he did.